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MAA TV is a Telugu-language television channel based in Hyderabad, India. MAA TV and its subsidiary channels are part of 21st Century Fox's STAR India network. MAA TV is a leading Telugu TV channel network known for its vibrant, innovative, pleasant and interactive programming. As the name 'MAA' indicates (maa means ours in Telugu), MAA TV is very close to the hearts of its viewers and it stands out from the cluster of channels through its programming quality. Emotional connection with the viewers has been the core strength and hallmark of MAA TV.

In February 2015, STAR India, a unit of 21st Century Fox, has acquired the entire broadcast business of MAA Television Network Ltd for a whopping ?2,500 crore (US$370 million). So all big channels of Telugu language are owned by either a Ramoji Group, national network or a network from their neighboring states.

Zee Telugu is a Telugu-language cable television channel in India. It is offered by Zee Network, part of the Essel Group.[1]

By 2004, the Zee Network already had a strong presence in northern and eastern India, with channels in Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, and Punjabi; their proposed Telugu-language channel marked their first venture into the southern India entertainment market. In June 2004, they expected the channel to launch by August.[2] Their actual launch finally arrived in September.[3] Initially this channel is launched with the name Alpha TV Telugu.Later they renamed as Zee Telugu.They initially featured a large amount of American films dubbed into Telugu; in August 2005, they also dubbed popular Bollywood film Sholay from Hindi into Telugu as an experiment.[4]

Gemini TV is Telugu television channel launched in 09-02-1995 by Sun TV Network.[1] The channel's programming includes serials, films, film-based programs, game shows and News. It broadcasts serials, films, live shows, game shows and news. Its HD feed was launched on 11 December 2011.[2]

All these tv channels are telecasting some interesting and entertaining daily soaps, comedy shows, game shows, dance shows and reality shows. Among all of them Jabardast Comedy Show is the popular show with highest TRP ratings over telugu channels. Apart from this, there are very good Daily Soaps from ETV which are at highest TRP ratings now like Naa Peru Meenakshi & Swathi Chinukulu. Though MAA TV serials are popular around rural areas, most of the serials stood top 10 but they were never on Top 1. If we take daily serials from Gemini TV , Keratalu & Vetade Naagini are two popular serials which has high TRP ratings.